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Cleb’s Tech: Breaks Connected Home Price Barrier With $10 Smart Lighting Read Full Story

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Whenever you think of smart home products, they normally come with a heavy price tag. Add Apple HomeKit support and the price will normally even be heftier. This is usually the only reason why some are still happy with dumb, LED lights – due to the price. Read Full Story

CyberShack: Features Connect SmartHome

The Lenovo Smart Clock is an amazing little device that does a lot more than simple alarms. Of course, it has a small speaker on the back to sound alarms and a display on the front to show the time. Read Full Story

EFTM: Ding Dong

EFTM: Ding Dong – Connect Smart Video Doorbell Review Read Full Story


The smart lighting space in Australia is dominated by just a few brands selling relatively high-cost lighting equipment. While I’m personally a big fan of Phillips Hue bulbs and their near-endless variety, I won’t pretend that I’m a fan in any way of the asking price for each individual bulb. Read Full Story

Impulse Gamer: Smart Wi-Fi Plug with USB Review

Having smart home technology really adds a uniqueness to your home and more importantly, it makes your life easier, particularly with the integration with smart assistants such as Alexa and Google. So while you can control a myriad of devices in your home from lights to TV’s or asking what the temperature is in your […]

Impulse Gamer: RGB LED Festoon Lights Review

If you’re looking to celebrate in style, then no look further thanks to the Connect Smart RGB LED Festoon Lights that will literally bring your next celebration to life with its amazing smart controlled lights which boasts up to 16 million different colours. Furthermore, this smart RGB LED light kit can be used both indoors and outdoors […]

Impulse Gamer: 5 clever gadgets

After more than a month of isolation, spending time at home has probably become a little tiresome for most, and understandably so! Read Full Story